About The Farm

Being raised a farmer his whole life, Matthew Maximuck started making his own birdfeed in 1992, selling it out of the barn on the honor system.

To keep up with the increasing demand, Matthew had a building constructed in 1999, Maximuck’s Farm Market was officially in business.

Matthew still farms, but the focus is slowly moving away from traditional farming and more toward up and coming, eco-friendly growing methods. In fact the first greenhouse was constructed in 2005 and within the next several years, 3 more were up and running. In 2009 the first hydroponic greenhouse was built with the start of White Star Growers, Inc, an entity of Maximuck’s and a corporation run by Matthew and his son, Matthew Maximuck Jr.

Building our first greenhouse back in 1996!

You can drive by Maximuck’s just about any day of the week and find Matthew Sr. and Jr. somewhere on the farm, most likely in one of the greenhouses or in the fields. They are permanent fixtures on the farm, hands-on with all the operations. You may even be lucky enough to spot Walter Maximuck, his days of hard labor are short anymore, but he still finds time and energy to help out!